Insurance FAQs

Below is some general information about our insurance policies. Please call us at 414.476.0306 and talk with our Billing department if you have additional questions about our insurance policies. We are happy to help you.

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What insurance plans do you accept? 

We accept all commercial insurance plans. We do not accept state health insurance such as Badger Care, Title 19, HIRSP.  We are out-of-network for some Market place plans - please check with the specific insurance to determine if we are a contracted provider.

I don't have insurance, can I setup a payment plan?

Yes. If you do not have insurance, we do ask you to pay for services at the time of your visit. But, we can setup a payment plan that works for you. 

What if my insurance changed?

Please let us know right away if your insurance changes. You should also contact your new insurance company to ensure that Milwaukee Ob-Gyn is still on your list of in-network providers. 

When do I pay my copay?

For gynecological visits, please pay your copay at the time of your visit. 

What if I lost my insurance card?

At the time of your visit, please have your subscriber ID number, group number and your place of employment that the insurance is through. The subscriber's name and date of birth (if other than yourself such as a parent or spouse). We also need the mailing address and phone number where the medical claims are submitted. If you do not have this information, you will be asked to pay upfront or will not be seen. We can schedule an appointment for a later date - so that you have the required insurance information. 

How do you bill my insurance during my pregnancy?

All prenatal billing and postpartum visits are included in one global fee. Charges for ultrasounds, NST, and labs are billed out on the date-of-service.

What if I don't understand or disagree with the charges on my statement? 

Please call our Billing department first at 414.476.0306. We will work with you to answer your questions. We can then advise you whether or not you need to talk with your insurance company.

Why do I receive a separate invoice for lab work?

We do not bill for services performed by an outside lab or imaging facility. You receive a statement directly from the lab where you had the imaging or blood work done.